Cocoa Beans Quatro


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Organic energy bar with added superfoods such as coca beans brittles and carob powder, combined with dates, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and raisins, high iron and nutritional fibers. Natural ingredients only.

Four bars pack

Net weight: 120g

Net weight per bar: 30g

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Cocoa beans desert delicacy quarto

The delicacy serves as a good source of iron, protein, calcium and fibers. Both nutritious and healthy. Recommended in the daily diet as a source of energy for children, athletes, travelers, health seekers and vegans.

Organic superfood

מיוצר ע"י: נאות סמדר, נוקדי המדבר בע"מ קיבוץ נאות סמדר חבל אילות 8886000 טל: 054-9798952


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