IL Organic Peach Nectar


Sku: 3033

Thirst-quenching and refreshing peach nectar, combining rich scent and refined flavors. Manufactured right here, at Neot Semadar.

Containing: 1 liter

The bio-organic growing methods keep the fruit’s original flavor and aroma. The nectar is rich with fruit and does not contain any food additives or preservatives and is the color of the freshly squeezed fruit.

VeganOrganic MadeInIsraelGlutenFreeFastDelivery

מיוצר ע"י: נאות סמדר, נוקדי המדבר בע"מ קיבוץ נאות סמדר חבל אילות 8886000 טל: 08-6358176



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